Play in team

Simply because it is better 😃. You will be able to discuss, share your intuitions, exchange, communicate and laugh!
This is an opportunity to have a good time with your friends even if they are far away.

Create your team and send your invitation link or code to the people you want to invite.
Teams must have at least 2 and no more than 5 players.
The person who created the team is the Team Leader. They manage the members of their team. They can invite or exclude members and can choose another Team Leader.

As long as one team member has purchased the case, their entire team can play. Other players can play from our mobile app or web site.

All of the team members must be logged in. Go to the investigation and click on "Play in team".
All of the team members must be present throughout the investigation or you will not be able to continue.

Chat with your team using the app of your choice! (WhatsApp, Skype, Discord, Zoom, Messenger, etc.)

Some choices must be unanimous:
- Answers to questions
- Discussion
- Interrogations
- Confirming the case file to send to the D.A.
Throughout the investigation, each team member can add clues to the investigation notebook, which is shared by the whole team.

When you solve the investigation as a team, your team appears in the team ranking.
For individual scores, the best individual or team score is taken into account.