Law enforcement is overwhelmed.
The French government is calling on citizens to restore justice!

About - French Crime

Catch the killer!

You will lead criminal investigations:
Video statements, interactive dialogues, photos of crime scenes and clues, police reports, autopsy reports, detailed suspect files, text messages, photos, interactive police interrogation videos…

Unravel the story, collect evidence, conduct searches, find the murderers and their motive to make sure that justice is served.

French Crime is an on online detective game. You must have a good internet connection.

The game can be played on smartphone, tablet or PC. You can play on our website www.frenchcrime.com or download the app for Android or iOS. You can switch from one device to another with the same account. You can play solo or with multiple players on the same screen, and it's better with friends.

French Crime has developed a unique and immersive gaming narrative. It's played as if you were the star of a TV series.
You can create characters that you play. They may be chosen by the team to feature in one of the investigations.