Mortal Speed Dating

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The body of a dead man was found in the historical center of Lyon, France. A sketchbook was found on his chest.
Find out who the victim is, discover who the sketchbook belongs to... And catch the murderer.

With Marion Séclin,
Franck Boss, Thierry Teki, Célandine Parent, Allienhr, Vanessa Selynn, Titouan Bodin, OnSeTientAuJu, Marjolaine Baio, Axel Baille, Irina Gueorguiev, Elodie Se, Clémentine D. Ginger, Caroline Ribot, Hélène Rudermann, Estelle Couret

Difficulty: Medium
Duration: ~ 4h

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Special Agent
Special Agent - 7 cases 7 cases - €19.99

Special Agent Pack
4 cases: Forbidden Dinners | The Junkyard Case | A Star is Dead | Mortal speed dating
+ 3 pilots


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4 24%
3 3%
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